The Kingdom of Hawaii

King Kamehameha established the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1795. We bet his appearance is a little different than you probably imagined of an Hawaiian King. Well, get the picture folks, we have all been sold some serious lies about history.


His family and later leaders include:


Taking on Neoliberal Ideology


“As one of the sharpest minds in American Politics, Adolph Reed has remained a challenging and unique voice since his article, “Black Particularity Reconsidered,” originally published in TELOS in 1979. His subsequent works on Jessie Jackson, the Black Urban Regime, Black Academics, Labor and the Left continue to push the boundaries of Black intellectual thought, while positioning Reed as an insightful critic and bold outlier in the study of Black life. Whether it’s Political Science, African-American Studies, or Intellectual History, Reed rarely leaves the orthodoxy unchallenged. No doctrine remains sacrosanct, no tenet untested. He consistently pushes the limits of racial thinking, while deepening our understanding of class and its intra-racial impacts. For these reasons, among so many more, The Black Scholar is ecstatic to share this two-part, in-depth interview, which was conducted in September of 2015. In it, Reed expounds on everything from #BlackLivesMatter, neoliberalism, and Black elected officials, to Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and presidential politics. As insightful and unflinching as ever, Reed delivers what we believe to be one of the timeliest conversations for our Blog.”

The Black Scholar

Slavery by Other Means

Intolerable Burden explores the difficulty poor African Americans face getting any form of education in the Mississippi Delta. Most telling is that local school boards are often dominated by the same powerful racist elite families who owned the plantations and the workers themselves. These elites have no desire to see an educated population. Never have. Never will.  Get my book, 10 Keys to African American History (regardless of your race), due out late August, and live. Trust the racists and perish.